Mrs. Beautywart and Mrs. Noodlehead are out to catch the purse thief and killer

This is all Mrs. Noodlehead, she’s tired of the NEWS, Mrs. Beautywart doesn’t pay it much attention. So on this day Noodle has had it and has come up with an idea.

“You know Beauty, we’re going out to catch that killer today,” notttttt quite like the Noodlehead, Mrs. Beautywart was sipping her coffee when she heard this and became more alert than she’s been in a long time. “Oh MY, Noodle,”, ” isn’t that for the Policemen”

Noodle replied, “Yes, of course, but I’ve got a great idea” “And what is that ” Beauty asked.

Noodle: “Well, we’ve been running into Suzie Slot at the F.R.O.G. meetings, she said she has just won the big win at Sugarhouse, by golly she showed me a wrapped packet of 100 dollar bills, ” Beauty is wondering where this is going, Noodle continues, “OK , you know your purple purse, well we fill it up with tons of $100s, and I’m gonna dress up like a crazy clown.” Beauty actually laughed, and Noodle continues, “you, flash your purse and I’ll be nearby with my crazy clown stick,” “Clownstick,!!!!!!!!????????” Beauty yelled, “Well, no not really, it will be a crow bar, but it will look like a crazy clown stick.”

It’s early and Beauty tells Noodle she thinks they better talk about this later, and anyway how do you know Suzie Slot wants to throw her money around. “You know Noodle, we don’t actually need to put real money in the purse anyway.” “Oh No Noodle says,” It’s gonna be hanging out of the purse.” Beauty just might be more sane today and suggests a nice lunch at the McDonalds at the corner of Broad and City Hall.


Noodle and Beauty’s trip to Sugarhouse

Ding Ding Ding, Somebody JUST ROCKED THE HOUSE

If one of Mrs. Beautywart’s adult children didn’t ask for a ride to the megabus, she and noodle would NOT be going back to Sugarhouse, 6 days in a week was enough.

Hey Dude, that’s the security guard, he’s been coaching Noodle and Beauty on the in’s and outs of the Black Jack tables, which seat to sit in, telling them it’s ok to sit out a round , as long as you have your chips in front of you. “Lady, you can sit out 6 rounds if you want too, you gotta go to that table,  he suggested we go see Black Jackie, Black Jackie wears black, he has Jack tatoo’s all over his body, he has this high squeeking cough, kinda like he just got kicked in the ding/dong,” be sure to sit at his table because nobody will play with him”, and it’s better at a table with fewer people.

Beauty wasn’t interested, she just wanted to get some food comps and bring home Sunday Diinner,

Noodle had the cash and after last weeks losses , she thought Beauty and her should just play a little on an artsy machine,  Big Anthony suggested we play over there, Big Anthony goes to sugarhouse everyday, he claims to telepathologically control machines, unfortunately Noodle and Beauty have never actual seen him put money in a machine, but he has a black card, high level, he gave Beauty and noodle a tour of all the machines they have never noticed the day before, (YOU MUST PLAY THIS ONE), he said, yesterday, but there was no going, because the machines had people in line waiting for them all day long, oooooh it’s so smokey, they ought to get the fire marshal’s in here, besides, there’s so much smoke one can barely even see, around these slots, after putting on their surgical masks; they were ready and  Noodle saw the ying/yang, ‘running with brushes’ was off in the distance carrying art supplies, she was scheduled for some performance art in the Refinery later. 

Things seemed slow around here, BUT, there WAS a seat, unusual for this area, the ying/yang was calling them both, Before Beauty could get back to the refinery and order dinner, Noodle put a bill in and ying/yangs were showing up all over the place, she had a maximum bet in, and this was the time to have it. The screen continued to fill up with ying/yang’s………..people started screaming, “we haven’t seen that in years around this area” , “we’ve all stopped betting maximum bets,”  it seemed people were happy to see this, high five’ing, they were 5 people deep watching as over 600 free spins started rolling, Beauty was upset, Dr. Strangehead called and she told him, it would be over an hour before she could order dinner, he said: “you’re too late’ ,  

Where’s Noodlehead, she got  up and took off from the machine, it’s rolling, she’s got 900, 1000 credits, Beauty asked the attendents to page her friend, turns out, she ran to the bathroom, turns out everyone seems to run to the bathroom on a 600 spin roll, everybody high fives, and stands guard for the bath room runs, people are walking around with dollar bills trying to buy random cigarettes. This is an exclusive group, everybody knows everybody in this area. I mean there are 2 rows of popular respins, (empty) Mrs. Beautywart asked a regular, “why arent anyone playing those machines” “oh lady, they don’t hit” “we arent playing them anymore”

2 hours later, there was a hand/pay and all was well, just in time to catch the performance art show and eat a delicious dinner compliments of sugarhouse. 

When Beauty got home, all were sleeping. Noodle went back to her cottage, and it was real late. Another Sugarhouse win.


The Soldier Lay’s long journey home

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story.  Here lies the remains of a place where ‘The Sargent Lay” hid, after arriving home from the war he didn’t feel comfortable in his home, around his family, with his friends, he found refuge inside of this safe.

He told no one and took his food inside, and if necessary an oxygen tank to survive. He felt better just being in there. No one knew.

Then this one day Mrs. Beautywart and Mrs. Noodlehead spotted it when they were out walking in North Philly. Mrs. Noodlehead thought it was good for Mrs. Beautywart to see the wasteland, abandoned buildings, pieces of life gone wrong, a crack house here and there, Oh, no one bothered them, in fact even an occaisional addict would see them and run. One day they ran into the guy who they met years ago on the steps of a church in Philly where they went to their F.R.O.G. meetings, the meetings for whimps, the achronim stands for F.irst R.ely O.n G.od, they have little ribbit clickers when someone shares a victory over being a whimp.  This very nice guy on the steps always greeted them with YOOOO Fuck it. YOOOOO Fuck it. It seems the way he dealed with his pressures in life. He was walking down this street in North Philly that Beauty and Noodle found them self on, They immediately got out their clickers, so he might remember them, they were ribbittiing and ribbitting trying to get his attention, YOOO Fuck it, 

YOOOOFuck it, and he gave them both a hard high left middle finger Slide on, He wasn’t really nasty, he just slid his left middle finger in a wave of hell’o.

On that very day, they heard some pounding, and saw this BIG safe, the doors were closed and frankly Beauty and noodle figured maybe someone put some wild animal inside, it could even be a wolf, or something worse like a bear, it was pounding. pounding,

They found a crow bar in the gutter and tapped back, and inside tapped back. OK, this can’t really be an animal, and beauty and noodle aren’t worried about any bad guys. Most just end up laughing when they see this pair.  So they managed alone to pry open the door.

“SCREAMMMMMMMMSSSSSSS, from Beauty and Noodle, tears, Mrs. Beautywart still wore her prisoner of war bracelet, THE SARGENT LAY,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he looked frail, worn, very thin and tired, his eyes were dark and hideous, he ran.

Beauty and Noodle sat and cried.

to be con’t.  Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

Here’s #1

Hi, I’m Joann, I’m not really new to blogging. I have written over 1000 poems, and blogs on various former poem sites, and on myspace.   I have all the stuff (crap) and more that many people have in their life and there was a time I could free base write as I call it.

Then one day I just couldn’t write that way anymore and these characters started showing up in my work, Mrs. Beautywart, a very tired woman who had 10 chldren, married to a very tired Dr. who deals with the head. His name is Dr. Strangehead. Along with Mrs. Beautywart came Mrs. Noodlehead, a whimsical, crazy, fun friend of Mrs. Beautywart. Another character who showed up in my word was ‘The Soldier Lay’ I usually got tons of hits the day he showed up. He had a very hard time, prisoner of war, lost, his band of brothers looking for him, and other stories. There is also Gorilla Man, and a fanciful character ‘running with brushes’ she looks sorta like pocahontas, but instead of arrows, her pouch has painting brushes, she shows up at the art shows, not a normal art show more like an art insane asylum day where art just goes crazy. 

My work also take turns into poetry, unable to put it down in normal sentences. So as I sign up here on wordpress for the first time. I really don’t know if I will share some previous work, or just go on with the story. That’s it for now. Ciao